PX4 Software

The PX4 Automatic Control System provides hardware and vehicle controls abstraction layer for your Unmanned Vehicle, making it able to operate fully autonomous.

The system has distributed architecture, all nodes are connected together through Controller Area Network (CAN) interface. There may be several boards of the same type connected to the same system, making multiple levels of redundancy.

Supported Configurations

  • Standard airplane

  • VTOL UAVs (helicopter, or any kind of rotary-wing aircraft, multi-rotors, etc.)

  • Atmospheric Satellite or HAPS (formation)

  • Blimps

  • USVs (boats)

  • UGVs (cars)

  • Programmable logic controller functionality

Data Storage

The GCS app stores all data in databases. Telemetry data and vehicle configuration could be shared through XML files, exported from the GCS.

GCS Server

Server capabilities include:

  • Provide data-link stream to other GCS components
  • Control any particular Mandala variable
  • Execute JavaScript commands
  • Return any or all Mandala variable values
  • Google Earth real-time flight visualization and analysis of telemetry data.