Identity Credential & Access Management.

Detect & Avoid: Platform to solve a major flaw in their architecture. Their problem is not unique and presents the first of many customers who will need a DroneBlox Platform.

Identity & Remote ID: Deploy API for ISO 27001 secure data management, device authentication, pilot authentication, device permitting, and Remote Identification PKI trust bridge.

Emerging Standards & Protocols: Platforms that are built on the standards emerging from groups like ISO, ANSI and ASTM will have the benefit of built-in protocols and standards.


Emerging Standards & Protocols On-Board – The DroneBlox Platform will comply with all emerging standards and protocols.

Data Demands Met – DroneBlox Platform is a Hyper Object Store designed to ingest, react, and access data from any source in near real time.

Enables UAS Integration – Solves critical problems not addressed by current technologies.