Droneblox provides the edge and cloud-based software layers to deploy fleets of fully automated, cloud-connected drones at scale. Compatible with all major drones and hardware platforms, the solution can be leveraged for enhanced efficiency in diverse fields.ย  We provide foundation technologies for safety management, identification, data aggregation and storage of data using ISO 27001 standards.

Delivering A Targeted Approach For Industry

  • Data Driven – The market is demanding solutions that offer alternatives to existing โ€˜hostageโ€™ architectures. Platforms offering scalable, universal access at a lower cost will satisfy an immediate need of commercial, government and individual stakeholders.

  • Results Oriented โ€“ The Platform is integral for both hobbyists and professionals operating in the National Air Space. Functions of the platform will drive essential elements of successful integration.

  • Research Led โ€“ Platforms that include algorithms for grading and managing risk and who incorporate real-time awareness will be valuable to insurers, pilots and rule-setting bodies.


Remote ID

Droneblox award winning remote identification technology provides forensic grade security and compliance with FAA and other global standards.ย  Each customer of the platform can add a UAVLAS toolkit offering for use cases including drone delivery, drone navigation, urban air mobility, and counter UAS.ย  Leveraging the integration tool-set and API provided by Droneblox UTM API, and the award winning BloxDB creates a platform for global uses with low cost of development and maintenance.

The safety management system built into Droneblox UAVLAS automatically reports close calls to civil aviation authorities helping to keep the skies safe for manned and unmanned pilots.