Capability Development Plan (CDP) underlines the permanence of the need for tracking of ships, aircraft and other equipment through a continuous air-space wide-area interoperable surveillance system able to operate all weather condition and in all types of environments.  Tactical RPAS systems and sensors are a key element to information collection and the timely delivery of the information obtained for use in the production of intelligence and situational awareness.  DroneBlox is integrated into ATMx and UTM standards based systems to detect ground, sea, and airborne contacts with 3D precision.  The real-time nature of our hardware and software is ideal to bolt-on to any surveillance system or airspace service provider.

Our ISTAR solutions address feasibility for detailed design and prototyping of a tactical system, capable of performing ISTAR missions, which includes aircraft, ground plane and ISR product libraries.  ISTAR is the process of integrating the intelligence process with surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance tasks

Droneblox addresses key aspects:

  • Interoperability in terms of both C2 and ISR data exchange in near real time, always depending on the availability of a suitable communication infrastructure to allow intelligent fusion of various sources creating a useful Common Operational Picture (COP).
  • We support multiple versatile sensor configurations suitable for on-board processing capable of extracting useful information from the captured data so that a useful COP can be provided to tactical personnel in real time
  • Support for multiple, independent communication systems used in various configurations (redundant, parallel, roaming).

ISTAR belongs to class II (category “tactical”) system design and complies with applicable civil and/or military airworthiness requirements.  It is uniquely compliant with ASTM F38 Detect And Avoid standards.  Our system incorporates a navigation subsystem capable of operation in a GPS-degraded environments providing real-time maps and data streaming to any web enabled technology platform.

Solution Impact:

  • Decrease risk of unmanned missions through areas of operation.
  • Decrease the reaction time and improve the situation awareness due to efficient generation and dissemination of the COP in real time.
  • Facilitate the integration of civil agencies through UTM and ATMx data exchange interoperability.
  • Maximize the capability and tactical advances using meshed radio communications.


Delivery Stages:

Our services cover the initial phases of the development:

  • Feasibility Study for concept of operations (CONOPS) definition, system specification, Detailed Requirements Review (DRR) and architecture definition;
  • Detailed design of the system, including the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and finishing with the Critical Design Review (CDR);
  • Development of a tactical RPAS system prototype.